Why an Hybrid boat ?

Sailing boats

For hybrid sail + electric mode


For silent slow fishing mode

Harbour Maneuvering mode
Protected Marine Areas

Clean sailing mode

Example on a 26ft Sailing Boat

– Speed: 1,5 Kn

– Speed: 5 Kn
– Power Cons. : 2,5 Kw
– Range: 10 nm

– Speed: 5 Kn
– Power Cons. : 0,8 Kw
– Range: 30 nm


Fishermans need silent mode, low speed and medium range, perfect target for an electric drive !

No need of trolling valves or other mechanicals for rpm reduction on main engine. Silent sailing is better for fishing, additional auxiliary motor function “take me home« safe mode.

Typical boat: 4000 kg displ. –max 5 knots –4 kW power

Harbour Maneuvering mode

An electric drive system is easily integrated with electronic docking devices, is a safe and a multifunctional solution for maneuvering inside harbours and narrow waters providing max torque at low speed